“May we follow the path of goodness as the sun and moon follow their path may good thoughts come to us from every side.

May we with our ears, hear what is good and With our eyes , see what is good Thanks be to god”

Beginning the day with a spiritual note and seeking the blessings of almighty God protects his children from all the fears and doubts. Every new day is begun with new hope and commitment in the presenceof God.

  • The assembly is the time for spiritual nourishment for the students but also a comprehensive way to inculcate a feeling of national integration and international understanding. Yoga and warm-up exercises mark the beginning of the day.
  • A spiritual fervour prevails as the whole school echoes with the sound of the pious Gayatri mantra and the guru mantra followed by SaraswatiVandana.
  • Special presentations include recitation of self-composed poem, virtue talk and to keep the students abreast with the things happening around them news of the day and G.K questions are also given utmost importance.