Sharp surge and rise of Pandemic Covid-19 brought the mission of Educational Institutions around the world to a stand still with the unforeseen scenario of school closures for an unknown duration. Social distancing and other hygiene measures pose a challenge to traditional teaching and learning.
We at RLB are achieving milestones at virtual learning. Our Education system has long been full of innovative teachers practising alternatives to the mainstream. When the giant, uncontrolled pandemic rolled across the world, certain approaches proved their mettle in new ways. Here we applied some ideas that seem newly relevant given the constraints of 2020 and beyond.
Never in the modern history of our Educational System has the importance of family and teachers support been more apparent. We have given our students ‘One-on-One Support. The devoted teachers are constantly in touch with their students in virtual Online Classrooms, WhatsApp text and phone.
Online Problem Solving Classes were a boon for the students lagging behind generally due to lack of Network facilities in some remote areas also,in coping up with their understanding and critical thinking skills, creative thinking skills related to all the subjects in an amicable educational atmosphere.
Yoga and Wellness programme was started keeping in mind the Physical, Mental and Emotional fitness of the students.Healthy mind lives in a healthy body is actually imbibed in our students by their online mentors who overwhelmingly inspired each other to improve their levels of fitness in this daunting and special time during their Summer Break.
We have been successfully focussing on strong positive parent-teacher-taught relationships. During summer break teachers diligently had workshops for the Notes, Videos, and other relevant and useful Audio Visual Teaching Aids to help students in the times of need.